Greatest Hit #3 Broner vs Porter


  • Shawn 'Showtime' Porter takes on Adrien 'The Problem' Broner in a 144 pound catchweight, in what could be one of the best fights of the year. Pressure takes on a slickness. If the fight wasn't made at a 144 pound catchweight this would be a no brainer Porter win, but I still believe Porter has enough to win a very close decision victory.
  • Broner's solitary loss came to 'Chino' Maidana who can be compared to Porter relatively well. Maidana used his physical strength, relentlessness and punching power (which Porter has in abundance, as well as greater accuracy and more skills) to drop Broner twice and win a one sided points victory. Broner looked completely out of his depth against a fighter who could bully him on the inside.
  • Broner needs to use his jab if he is to have any chance of keeping the relentless Porter at range and out of the inside.
  • Broner's lack of a jab against Maidana meant he could walk him down with relative and dictate the fight. While Broner has improved his jab I think one big shot from Porter could completely throw Broner and will cause him to try and slug with Porter, which wont end well for him.
  • Without question the catchweight and rehydration clause of 154 pounds will hinder Porter but if he felt it would have such a big impact on him then why would he take the fight? He is a previous welterweight champion and was once the greatest prospect in his weight class, he could have easily fought another opponent at a more comfortable weight for a decent sum of money. Porter knows he is completely wrong for Broner stylistically and he is focused, determined and truly dedicated to his craft.
  • Broner's movement could cause Porter some problems but Porter has experience against slick movers like Devon Alexander and Paulie Malignaggi both of whom are good opposition. Porter proved in these fights that he can box and is not just about physicality so he certainly has the capacity to do it again.
  • Porter's single loss came against Kell Brook, who in my opinion is the one of the best welterweights in the world currently so there's no shame in that loss. Brook won a very close fight because he didn't let Porter get on the inside, he utilized his excellent jab and that was the key to him winning that fight.
  • Broner showed against Maidana that he does have heart which is why I feel Porter wont stop Broner even if he does drop him. Broner was put down twice by Maidana but got back up and continued to fight a losing battle, he is too proud of a guy to simply give up and has good endurance.
  • The chances of Porter being stopped I feel are very slim considering how Broner clearly hasn't been able to bring his power up with him through the weight classes. Broner's last five fights have all gone the distance too.
  • This will be a very close fight and really could go either and will more than likely be decided on the judges own opinions, do you like constant pressure and lots of activity? or do you like sharp, fast, accurate flurries of punches?
  • Ultimately I think Porter is just too well rounded, as a fighter, but also mentally. Broner clearly feels he has something to prove after his loss to Maidana and what better way to avenge that loss than to fight a similar fighter, however I still feel he lacks true dedication to the sport. In his last fight he couldn't even make the weight against John Molina, I know it wasn't a massive fight but considering he is moving up in weight this is pretty ridiculous and showed that he still lacks maturity.
  • For me Broner still needs to get truly serious before he can reach his obvious potential. Porter is a disciplined fighter who, providing he makes the weight in good shape, should have too much for Broner. This is a very tight fight nevertheless.