Greatest Hit #2 Dirrell vs DeGale


  • I considered leaving this one alone. Both are class fighters that have managed to find a way to lose when victory seemed the easier option. The record books will show that DeGale lost to George Groves and Dirrell lost to Carl Froch. I won't go into the details of those losses, but they leave question marks over both fighters.
  • DeGale has looked incredible since he recovered from a nagging shoulder injury that has plagued him for years. He's demolished decent guys in his last 2 fights and now moves on to his long awaited title fight.
  • Dirrell had 1 fight in 3 years before he strung together 4 wins against modest opposition recently. The reason for the long layoff was due to health concerns after Arthur Abraham illegally power punched him while he was on his knees. Are those comeback fights enough preparation against a motivated, healthy, class fighter such as Degale? Well, we're banking against it.
  • The fight is in Boston, which doesn't help, although Degale traveled extensively as an amateur, with great success.
  • Will the memories of the Abraham KO/DQ come back to haunt Dirrell? He had brain scans and treatment as he genuinely feared his boxing career was over.
  • DeGale is hitting harder than ever and really putting it on his opponents of late. He might eventually break Dirrells' spirit. Although this is deemed a close contest, I simply can't see DeGale being denied.
  • Before the layoff I genuinely believe Dirrell was the fastest puncher I have ever seen in boxing. That's up for debate, but I don't think anyone can deny that he's slowed down a touch since then. Both guys are southpaw. DeGale fights with such a natural, effortless grace, and has superb movement around the ring. I have to give the edge in ability to him. He can switch hit and has power in both hands these days. He's also entering his prime at 29 years of age. Dirrell is 31.
  • Odds of 2.0 are worth grabbing.