Greatest Hit #10 McDonnell vs Kameda I


  • I don't understand these odds to be honest. This is the rematch of a fight McDonnell won by unanimous decision earlier in the year. I tabbed him at an underdog price of 3.25 and he didn't disappoint, despite being floored in the 3rd round.
  • I doubt he'll be knocked down this time around and see a repeat performance. I think we will see another points victory, perhaps more emphatic than the first time.
  • Kameda is over rated. A lot was made of his power quite a few fights back, but he has failed to knock out or dominate against a number of guys where it was expected. Now that his 0 has gone, he may just drift off into obscurity.
  • McDonnell is a tough guy to beat. He has a high work rate, effect jab and great engine. If you can't knock him out then you're in trouble. He's never been stopped.
  • The fight will take place in Texas again. Not sure why the champion has to fly so far away from home 2 fights in a row, but that's what's happening. I was doubting my bet first time around when I heard that McDonnell's trainer refused to fly out with his fighter. As it happened, it didn't matter. All credit has to be given to McDonnell.
  • Why is he underdog? I genuinely have no clue.