Greatest Hit #19 Troyanovsky KO/TKO vs Cuenca II


  • Bit of a strange rematch here between two 140 pounders who met just last November. The fight was very one sided for most to see, as the stronger, taller and more precise Troyanovsky (23-0, 20KO's) methodically ground down the smaller Cuenca (48-1, 2KO's).

  • We were originally on Cuenca but we were unsure just how good his opponent was. The first bout left us in no doubt as to who is the better fighter. The most obvious remark I made as soon as I saw the pair in the ring together was the sheer size disparity. Troya looked like a junior middleweight, while Cuenca looked like a lightweight. Cuenca was unbeaten entering the first fight and had used his tricky style to negate his obvious lack of power, but he came up against his kryptonite.

  • Troya used his piston like jab to measure Cuenca for hard right hands all night long, something Cuenca wasn't use to. Anytime the smaller Cuenca tried to come in on one of his raids he was on the end of a stiff jab. It was clear to see by round 5 that Cuenca was tiring, the constant lateral movement and getting tagged by hard straights was clearly breaking him down mentally and physically.

  • In the sixth Cuenca began to sit and trade, disaster. Cuenca was simply out of options and had no way of getting to the mechanical Troya. When the pair began to trade there was only ever going to be one winner. The ending was a bit anti-climatic. Troya appeared to knee Cuenca as he fell to the floor. It didn't look like much, but I think Cuenca was looking for away out of a fight he was clearly losing, it was disappointing to see him so blatantly quit.

  • The rematch may be even more emphatic. The tricky style of Cuenca clearly wasn't an issue for Traoyanovsky and he worked it out pretty quickly. Troya knows exactly what to expect and how to over come it. On the other hand Cuenca had no answer to Troya in the last fight and its hard to see how he could do anything more in the rematch. He doesn't have any power to trouble his opponent. Troya is on a 13 KO streak and expect it to becoming 14 around the midway mark again.