Amanda Serrano is attempting to win a world title in her 7th (seventh) weight class. If that weren’t impressive enough, she’s decided to go down to her lightest weight immediately after winning at her heaviest.  On Thursday, Serrano will weigh in at 115lbs. A whopping 23 1/2lbs lighter than her last fight.

I’ve been tracking her training and weight reduction with interest, seeing regular updates on social media on how she looks and feels. She looks in tremendous shape, and although hungry, truly believes she’s in the best possible shape. It’s rare for a woman to sport a six-pack, but she’s got one alright, along with an overall ripped physique.

Serrano is a bona fide puncher. She has 26 ko's in her 35 wins and hasn’t lost in almost 7 years. She's scored 8 ko's in her last 10 fights. Although she can box well, she doesn't mess around. She was never going to score a knockout up at 140lbs in her last fight. Her opponent had never been stopped and was much larger than anyone she had faced in the past. I have a feeling that at 115lbs and after a decent overnight rehydration, Serrano is going to be a beast. She has a 2.5 inch reach advantage and a 2 inch height advantage. Her opponent also fights small, in a hunched position. She marches forward, which will suit Serrano down to the ground.

Eva Voraberger has only ever fought close to home, either in Austria or Germany. She was stopped in 1 round on her debut back in 2008 but has never been stopped since. She has a record of 24-5 (11 ko’s). I believe there is a class difference between the two fighters, which will show on fight night.

This fight will be in New York, giving Serrano home advantage. The crowd will be large and supportive. If Serrano wants to show she has a legitimate shot at beating Katie Taylor then she needs to be stopping girls like Voraberger. I think that’s exactly what she’ll do, breaking down her opponent and forcing a stoppage by the referee or corner